Cecil County Cecil County Fair
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Reserve Seating

Due to past events, we will no longer allow the use of blankets (or tarps, etc...) to reserve seats at the fair. In their place we will be selling reserve seating tickets for the demolition derby nights of the fair. A reserve ticket will guarantee you a seat in the bleachers on the west side of the main arena for a specific night. There will be 500 bleacher seats on the west side of the arena reserved for those who would like to have their own seat. Think of this convenience like a baseball game or concert ticket. You can get up, walk around, buy some food, and when you are ready to watch the show, not have to worry if you seat has been taken. Note that not all seats are reserved. Most of our seating is still available at no extra charge.

Reserve tickets will be $10 (not including the fair entry fee).

Again, we will not be allowing the use of blankets to save seats, in either the reserved or general seating. You may of course bring a blanket to sit on, but it must remain with you while you are at the fair. Unattended blankets will be donated to charity.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide a more enjoyable environment for everyone at the fair.