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The 2014 Entertainment was:

Every day at the Fair see:

Masters of the Chainsaw

Masters of the Chainsaw is a limited group of the nation’s top professional chainsaw sculptors, dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the art form and it’s performance. We have had Marty Long at our fair for several years now and he never fails to draw a crowd. During a forty five-minute show, from behind protective netting, onlookers will observe an original and captivating high-energy performance. With chain saw roaring and chips flying, Marty's precision and skill quickly transforms a three-foot tall log into a true work of art. Nearly every show will result with a chainsaw carving being-produced from start to finish, with as many as four chainsaw carvings per day. Two days during the fair we auction off the carvings at a live auction.
Masters of the Chainsaw

Close Encounters of the Exotic Kind – A Lion and Tiger show consisting of education and entertainment

The Von Duke Family has worked for over 36 years as exotic animal trainers. These beautiful performing big cats were born in captivity, hand raised and trained by Vincent Von Duke. Come visit and have your own Close Encounter of the Exotic Kind. Let these big cats leap into your heart.
Close Encounters of the Exotic Kind

SkyBound Canine Entertainment

Turning the usual into the unusual, the SkyBound Canines prove they can be athletes, clowns and entertainers as well as man’s best friend. The two footed entertainers are Michelle Harrell and Todd Duncan. Michelle has been performing with her Magical Poodle Troupe for 13 years across the US. Todd is a five time World Champion Frisbee Dog Competitor who brings his experience and effortless performing style to the show.
The majority of the dogs are rescues from Moses the 6 year old Jack Russell to Ray Ray, Calvin, 5 year old Fox and her two pups who are 1 ½ years old. Not only will you see Dock Diving and Frisbee dogs, you will also see the Magical Poodles who range in age from 7 year old leader Emilio to 7 month old Tallulah. These little dogs jump through hoops, walk on their hind legs, performing a magic trick and demonstrating agility.
SkyBound Canine Entertainment

On Tuesday, July 22, and Wednesday, July 23,
Come out to see the Painted Pony Championship Rodeo!

Experience the excitement with Painted Pony Rodeo up close and personal. See bull riding, barrel racing, and other events! Professional rodeo sanctioned by PRCA, IPRA & APRA.

Band Schedule:
Saturday 7/19 Stereotype (Rock)
Sunday 7/20 Backwoods (bluegrass)
Monday 7/21 Knoxx (Classic Rock)
Tuesday 7/22 The Core (contemporary christian)
Wednesday 7/23 A Different Breed (Rock & Country)
Thursday 7/24 Gospel Night Featuring:
Gold City, Jonathan Buckner and Chosen Road, The Nottingham Four, and For His Glory.
Friday 7/25 One Eyed Jacks (Rock & Roll)
Saturday 7/26 Rory Sullivan (Original & Rock)